Marketing Menu

Waugh Foods offers resources to keep customers up-to-date with trends in marketing, social media and beyond.  Read below for all the services available on our Marketing Menu and feel free to give us a call to discuss your options.  We hope you find the tools and services that we provide helpful in growing your business!


If you have questions on any of the below services or would like ideas on how to spice up your marketing, our Marketing Coordinator, Peggy, is always willing to help!  Give her a call today at 309.427.8040 or e-mail her at


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WHISK Magazine

Waugh Foods is proud to bring you this exciting quarterly publication dedicated to all things foodservice.  In keeping with the obvious foodservice theme, a whisk is a common kitchen utensil used by you, our loyal customers.  The point of WHISK, however, is to help you move up in business and beyond - essentially 'whisking' you away!


At Waugh Foods, we understand the demands our customers must meet on a daily basis and will do all that we can to ensure your success.  Ask your WF Representative for your copy of WHISK today!  Learn about the latest foodservice trends and best practices, as well as the newest and most popular items Waugh Foods has to offer.  With everything from staff training articles to seasonal recipes, social media tips and more, WHISK has something for everyone!

Social Media Assistance

Whether we like it or not, social media is quickly taking over customer preferences when it comes to dining out.  Waugh Foods is happy to provide assistance in setting up a social media presence and offering ideas on keeping patrons interested in and returning to your business.  Due to it’s high importance in today’s society, our goal is to give all of our customers some form of web presence before it’s too late.

Waugh Foods' Complete Guide - Social Media & Your Restaurant.pdf

Creative Services

A well designed menu is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your restaurant and market your business and the delicious items you serve.  Waugh Foods is here to help with complimentary services from menu development to placemat design!


eCafé Newsletter

This biweekly e-newsletter is full of exclusive savings, restaurant marketing tips and more.  Sign up to receive WF eCafé here!

Business Reviews

Our Business Review program was developed as a formal means to sit down with SBP customers and constructively analyze our business together.  Your feedback is the best way for Waugh Foods to meet or exceed your expectations as primary supplier.  We know that our relationship with customers is a key factor in our sustained growth in a very competitive market, which is why we treat our customers with such respect and care.



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